About Tommy Social

tommysocialillustrationTommy Social is a Digital Creative IP Specialist – He helps brands and businesses with social media, IP creation and digital transformation.

He has over 5 years experience in the digital and social media space and is very well known for what he does in Newcastle and the Central Coast of NSW.

His results speak for themselves with clients that have reach successes beyond their expectations. Clients have reached over 70,000+ likes on Facebook and reaching over 1,100,000+ people weekly without paid ads and Youtube channels with over 600,000 views and 1800 subscribers.

He is an experienced online business specialist with wide range of experience, knowledge and insights to building a better business online.

His talents and skill set:

Tommy Social has developed a deep understanding of how people interact online and how it translates for business from his keen interest in the digital space. By being on top of international trends, campaigns and following successful business campaigns. He has acquired a knowledge base that is equaled to some of the best talents in Australia.

His skill set is in project/campaign management, developing relationships with people online/offline, social media planning, strategy + implementation.

He has helped numerous clients with IP development, digital assert development (websites, mobile apps, Facebook apps), Online/offline integrated campaigns, Digital B2B and B2C marketing.

He is also a keynote speaker and educator of the social/digital space for business and personal branding and has work with clients throughout the east coast of Australia including: Newcastle City Council, NSW Tourism, Newcastle Internet Summit, Westpac Bank, Events Cinema, Friday Media (Melbourne) Buy Local Festival (Central Coast), Business Women Connect, Singleton Chamber and Tourism, Central Coast Community College, Lizottes, HPCA, 10x, YBC, BNI.